The background paper below was drafted in December 2011 by officials of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat for the purpose of helping to orient Panel members to commonly discussed issues relating to the CDM. It is now being shared more broadly for the purposes of enhancing transparency in the process and assisting stakeholders wishing to engage with the policy dialogue (ED). This is not an official document.

Input to the high-level panel for the CDM Policy Dialogue
pdf Background paper by the UNFCCC secretariat 22 December 2011, updated on 17 January 2012

  1. Introduction
    1. Description of the CDM
      1. Operations
      2. Governance
    2. Context of the CDM
      1. Origins
      2. The role of the CDM under the Kyoto Protocol
      3. The role of the CDM in relation to national and regional approaches
      4. Possible changes to the role of the CDM
    3. Achievements and criticisms of the CDM
      1. Achievements
      2. Criticisms
    4. The Policy Dialogue
      1. Terms for reference
      2. Additional Information
    5. Possible areas of focus