Panel Members


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The high-level panel on the CDM policy dialogue has been established to engage civil society, policymakers and market participants in a year-long dialogue that was launched at a side event during the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.

At its first meeting in Bonn, in February 2011, the panel elected Valli Moosa as its chair and Joan MacNaughton as its vice-chair.

Chairman of the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa, Former Environment Minister of South Africa
pdf Joan MacNaughton

President of the Energy Institute, Executive Chair of Energy and Climate Policy Assessment, World Energy Council, Global Advisor Sustainable Policies, Alstom, United Kingdom

Panel members (in alphabetical order):

President of the Brazilian Development Bank, Brazil
President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, formerly known as the Alliance for Climate Protection, United States of America
Distinguished professor of economics at Australian National University, Climate Change Advisor to the Australian Government until June 2011, Australia
Distinguished Fellow at The Energy & Resources Institute, Former Secretary to Ministry of Environment and Forests, India
President of the World Wide Fund for Nature, Former Minister of Environment, Ecuador
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe, Former AWG-LCA chair, Zimbabwe
CEO of the Carbon Disclosure Project, United Kingdom
The Institute of Energy Economics, Former President of International Energy Agency, Japan
Greater China Director of The Climate Group, China, Switzerland