The high-level panel on the CDM policy dialogue based its deliberations and recommendations on a combination of stakeholder meetings and a research programme that collected data and input on specific issues identified as priorities for the panel. The research programme below outlines the schweiz-ed questions that the panel focused on, and also reflects the structure of the research areas.

pdf CDM policy dialogue research programme (24.03.2012)

Research reports

pdf Research area: Impact (30.10.2012)

pdf Research area: Governance (30.10.2012)

pdf Research area: Future context (30.10.2012)

pdf Summary of financial and accounting issues relating to the functioning of the CDM (30.10.2012)

pdf Summary of CDM policy dialogue stakeholder meetings (30.10.2012)

pdf Strengths and weaknesses of the CDM in comparison with new and emerging market mechanisms (30.10.2012)

pdf Exploring the complementarities between the Green Climate Fund and the CDM (30.10.2012)

pdf Assessing the impact of the CDM on sustainable development and technology transfer (30.10.2012) link

pdf The role of the CDM in future trading of credits from avoided emissions (30.10.2012)

pdf Evaluating the CDM in a changing world: The global economy and emissions since 1997 (30.10.2012)

pdf Linking the CDM with new and emerging carbon markets (30.10.2012)

pdf Should REDD+ be Included in the CDM? (30.10.2012)

pdf Scenarios for the global carbon markets (30.10.2012)

pdf Mapping of criteria set by DNAs to assess sustainable development benefits of CDM projects (30.10.2012)